Blind Melon Book? What Book? What is this about?

What is it? -- Simply, Blind Melon fan's from all over the world, are contributing art, inspired by Blind Melon, to be published in a book.

Why? -- Well, Blind Melon is a major part of the soundtrack to so many lives. This is our way to give back, to say thank you. This is also our way, to make a difference.

Make a difference? How? -- Inspired by the Blind Melon song, Make A Difference, I am going to publish the book, and offer it to the public, with full proceeds being donated to two charities.

What charities? -- The two charities are the Musicares Foundation and the Shannon Hoon Vigil Fund.

Why those two charities? What are those charities? --

Musicares charity provides members of the music community with addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation. This very charity helped Shannon out about 12 to 13 years ago.

Every year Shannon's mom, Nel Hoon, has a vigil celebrating Shannon's life. In a perfect world, those types of things would be free, but they are not and can get quite expensive. This is our way of helping Nel with the costs of her wonderful gift to everyone. A fund for the vigil can be found at the 
Blind Melon Forum.

Does the band know about this? -- Yes, Blind Melon has given their blessing to this effort.

Does this book have a name? -- The book is going to be titled, From Your Friends - Art, Photo's and Stories inspired by Blind Melon.

Can I contribute? Can anyone contribute? -- Yes, all contributions will be accepted. This is a complete fan effort and I would be more then happy to accept whatever you would like to give.

What can I contribute? -- Anything created by you, inspired by Blind Melon.

Can you be more specific? -- Sure, any artistic creation that can be printed, photographed or scanned for publishing in the book. I also ask that all contributors, write a paragraph or two about the piece or about how Blind Melon inspired them.

What about music? -- Lyrics will be printed, along with a link to stream/download song. Songs without lyrics will have links only.

What about video? -- Some sort of visual image along with link to stream/download video.

Can I contribute pictures I took at their concert? -- Sure, but please be creative. If you took a picture of the band performing, put an artistic spin on it. Any photos of you and the band or any member of the band will be accepted as well.

Any special requests? -- Yes, actually I do. If you have any rare or nostalgic Blind Melon items (backstage passes, promotional items, etc.), please contact me. Items specific to the Shannon era are especially needed.

I want to contribute but I don't have anything ready, is there a deadline? -- The deadline for the project is October 31st, 2010.

When is the book coming out? -- The goal is 2010-2011.

I am not an artist but want to contribute some other way. Can I help in other ways? -- Absolutely. I need folks to spread the word about this book. The more contributors to the project, the better the book will be.

How can I spread the word? -- The internet is an awesome, free way to spread the word.

Will I be credited for my contribution? Will I get paid? -- Yes and no. Yes, all contributors will receive credit in the book. Again, this is a full effort of the Blind Melon "community". It would not work without you. No, since this is a not for profit effort, no one will be paid for their contribution. If the book makes millions, then the charities chosen makes millions.

I am ready to help, how do I sign up?-- I can be contacted here or via email to or look me up on Facebook.